Save Money Decorating Your Home – Build Plantation Shutters Yourself

There’s a certain charm to southern plantation shutters. A remembrance of sunny days spent sipping ice tea while the ceiling fan cools you.Plantation shutters window treatments contemporary designs have a classic and simple look that has survived unchanged for hundreds of years, and are so attractive they can transform an ordinary window into a virtual work of art. They never go out of style.until now the only drawback has been the price since they usually require a woodworking professional to measure each window and custom build plantation shutters. Sadly, this is usually the reason for homeowners to settle for a “second choice” for window treatments.True, the process to build plantation shutters is best done in the factory by professionals who have years of experience. Using specialized tools, they can custom make each piece and provide you with an exceptional shutter. Unfortunately, this also comes with an exceptional price.What if all the mystery was taken out concerning the techniques for measuring your windows and the steps to build plantation shutters? Furthermore, what if this was done using simplified methods that require no specialized tools? See the possibilities; your “first choice” for window treatments contemporary design for the price of the materials, mainly wood. You may even have most of the materials needed to construct these beautiful shutters sitting in your garage.When you break down the process to build plantation shutters it mainly consist of
* Measuring the space where the shutter will install.
* Determining the shutter measurements.
* Building a shutter frame using 2 horizontal pieces and 2 vertical pieces, in essence a square.
* Installing the louvers that pivot up and down inside the frame.
* Installing the tilt rod that allows you to move the shutters up and down.
* Painting or staining the complete unit.
* Installing the shutter in your window.Fortunately, it is possible to break these steps down so a non woodworking professional can build plantation shutters that are eye catching. It is also possible to have alternate ways to do each step to match what tools are available on hand.Sure, expensive specialized tools are used at the factory to construct shutters, but the main reason for this is because they manufacture hundreds of units per day. Building a few units for your home does not require this expensive automated hardware.And, once you learn to construct your first piece, you could duplicate the process and decorate each window of your home, all for the price of material. See the possibilities now? Your “first choice” for window treatments contemporary design is now affordable.Don’t be afraid to try it yourself. You may even be surprised how simple the process is.